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Come by and chat about the BEST band in lyrics. We can even chat about various other artists in the same genre. A Perfect Circle, Tool, System, name it. RSS Feed what is XML?

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JD Kornuto!  topic
New Tribe....Songwritters  topic
Untitled Album!!!!  topic
Who saw Korn at fami val????  topic
Ouroboros Press  review
ABC Television Casting--$20,000  topic
Favorite Korn Song  topic
who's seein Korn March 16 at Long beach?  topic
hiya! (",)*KoRn Crazy*  topic
Saw KoRn Tuesday  topic
Got the new CD!!  topic
Saw Korn in LA on Saturday....  topic
Fallen Aurora,CO Soldier  review
FAVE KORN CD is....  topic
If it ain't broke".....  review
It's on......  topic
Woodstock 99  topic
KoRn Kamp  topic
korn concert  topic
Best Korn Album  topic
Videos?  topic
favorite korn lyrics  topic
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